We are a one-stop supplier for all of the fixtures, furnishings, and other goods used by restaurant chains. We can also provide for your inventory management needs, and deliver to all of your locations.

  • We supply kitchen utensils of all kinds.

  • We can supply you with ceramics, wood products, ironware, and more, both domestic and imported.

  • We can provide cutlery of all kinds, to suit your budget and the look of your store.

  • In addition to providing sanitation-related materials including detergents of all kinds, we can also offer training in workplace hygiene management in collaboration with our partners.

  • From paperclips to ballpoint pens, we provide all of the stationery and furnishings that stores use. Custom-made items like lanyards, business cards, and letterheads are also available.

  • From paper cups and lunch boxes, to straws, chopsticks, and napkins, we offer all of the items needed for the takeout business.

  • We can provide products to a wide range of specifications, including premium-quality paper, and thermal paper.